Awesome fanart!!


The very first fanart by Clickme2winFREEIpod! thank you so much :D      


Merlinnia drew me this for my birthday! It was so sweet and ridcoulsly considerate :D it means alot to me, thank you


Rulerbrain's rendition Lilith! She's so cute here! Also read his comic crazies Inc. thank you!


monoushi's francis! i love her and her artstyle and her comic 3DoB, go check it out!


A fantastic and very awesome picture by mothtrap! I'll never have enough to thank you for this! the only thing I could say is thank you! Read both of their series Ghost stories and Raining knives!


Memoria's fantasic part of the art trade! she makes the webcomic The sunless children! (check it out!)

Seka neko's sudden fanart for me! thank you :D

They make the webcomic Stumble!


Thank you spelldeg! they make the webcomic now Hiring!


A thrilling 100 parter about drasil and lilith's posible non-canon love for her. theres more here as well..

cursed image

francis with the proportions of a real swol girl!

part of a sad 2 parter about hot pockets. to see my part of it go to it here

A glorious hair metal au featuring simeon, Zafim, Everett, and Caddy

She (memoria) also made Robes a character who has yet to appear. too kind, i owe her tons!

This wonderful piece is by Junoro! who makes The tale of a dissapointing land shark! go check it out if you havent already!


A great deviantart friend! Mesoesa this is francis!



Great art from memoria, she makes coldsweat and the sunlesschildren!

Mothtrap'sbeautiful galleria of basically all of my characters! They make Raining Knives

this is an artist by the name of dunyun rings! they drew everett :D

Lilith and francis from jackarais! he makes bicycle boy!